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4 Resistance Levels - Perfect for all strength levels. Bands for Pull Up Assistance can be added to increase your performance on the deadlift, bench press, squat, shoulder press, as well as help with stretching and flexibility. Great for men or women.

Versatile - Add to your home gym equipment or take them on your travels for an efficient hotel room workout. Gain muscle; power, speed, and explosiveness. Change resistance levels as your strength increases. With Stretch Resistance BandYou can always add more resistance or assistance, based on your goals.

Functional Training - Whether working out at home or at the gym, take your weight lifting program to the next level with Bands for Pull Up Assistance an advanced strength-building technique. Great for assistance with pull-ups or added resistance to all major lifts. Finally, there is the Stretch Resistance Band for those of us that don't want neon purple bands. Introducing our all-new colors.

Natural & Odor-Free - Made from odorless, 100% natural latex. Bands for Pull Up Assistance Extremely durable and made to retain their elasticity and resistance. Beware of the horrible smell of brands that use cheaper materials.

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