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PREMIUM PADDED WEIGHT LIFTING STRAPS: FitterGear Wrist Support Straps for weight lifting are made with strong double-sided stitching and industrial-grade padding to strengthen your grip. The premium cotton-blend neoprene padding makes our deadlift straps suitable weightlifting straps for men and women to work out in the gym, without fear of losing their grip. Unlike other wrist straps, our lifting straps offer a more powerful grip, making them the best lifting wrist straps in the market!

SILICONE LINED STRAPS FOR ENHANCED SECURITY: FitterGear weight lifting wrist straps enhance security by providing superior grip. Our weight lifting wrist wraps are made of high-quality materials like neoprene, cotton, and a unique silicone lining that prevents slippage. This means our deadlifting straps will hold the bar firmly in place during gym workouts. Our workout wrist straps provide the protection you need to prevent injuries, helping you lift weights with confidence

IDEAL STRAPS FOR OVERHAND AND UNDERHAND GRIP: Unlike other gym wrist straps on the market, FitterGear workout straps can be used for overhand or underhand lifting. This makes our gym straps perfect for pull exercises such as deadlifts, pull-ups, and bent-over-rows. Our weight lifting wrist wraps will also help you maintain proper form during challenging workouts. FitterGear workout wrist straps allow you to grip the bar the way you want!

GET BETTER SUPPORT TO LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHTS: FitterGear workout straps offer a secure grip to progressively increase your lifts and prolong your workout. Our double-padded lifting wrist straps shift the weight from your palms to your wrist allowing you to lift heavier weights - taking your deadlift game to the next level. These wrist wraps are perfect for weightlifting, deadlifting, and powerlifting during gym workouts, allowing you to focus more on your pull rather than your grip

100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our weight lifting wrist straps will prove beneficial to every heavy lifter. FitterGear lifting straps for weightlifting are made using premium materials to ensure maximum security and durability. If there are any issues or questions related to your new gym straps, please email us, and we will take care of you. FitterGear believes in the quality of our lifting straps and stands behind this promise


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