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AUTO START: This new model gyro ball for wrist starts with an internal pre-tensioner, no starter cords required. Just push to the inner ball and move your thumbs along the direction of the arrow to start, which makes it more convenient.

Strengthen your wrist and forearm: Thanks to gyroscope force, this small gyro ball for wrist can generate huge power and do more workouts than you think it could be for your forearm. This gyro ball corresponds to 50 dumbbells of different weights. Control the speed and power with your hand, 10,000 rotational speeds per minute could generate about 100 kg weight.

Rehab your forearm and enhance your finger strength: Carpal tunnel and repetitive stress injuries are common occurrences when you spend prolonged hours on the computer. By ensuring continuous growth in muscles and flexibility in the forearms and wrists, you can see marked improvements in muscular strength, flexibility, and blood pump.

Great gift: It's a great gift for people who love sport or work all day in the office. It’s quite useful for strength and rehabs your wrist and forearm. It’s also a great gift for musicians like guitar players, piano players to strengthen their finger strength.

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