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STRONGER AND THICKER THAN REGULAR BANDS: FITTERGEAR Heavy Resistance Deadlift bands are about 3 to 5 times stronger and thicker than most resistance band out there.
WON’T ROLL UP OR RIP: Made of multi-layered latex and tested by industry professionals. Our resistance band offers the best quality available on the market. These Deadlift Bands will never snap, rip or roll up, and you can fully enjoy your worry-free workout.

SUITABLE FOR MANY EXERCISES: Resistance band are great for adding difficulty to compound and isolation glute exercises. They are also a great addition for warm-ups, Squats, and Deadlift

EXTRA POWER: these power mini resistance band are designed for short banded power lifts, a great addition to your resistance band collection.

DURABLE: These are not the thin mini loop bands that are known for snapping and breaking. These bands are thick and extremely durable. In addition to being durable, the amount of resistance these bands provide is unmatched by the flimsy mini loop bands.

PORTABLE: Aside from helping you warm-up, you can use these mini bands for a complete workout, just about anywhere. Lower body movements like air squats, deadlifts (need a pair), glute bridges, hip thrusts, core work, tricep and bicep movements, and even shoulder stability and mobility. Easy to pack and easy to use.

ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS GUARANTEE: Our customers mean the world to us. For that reason, we’ll only provide you with the finest products and services around, or your money back! Add your Deadlift Bands to your cart, and experience the ELITE ATHLETIC BANDS customer experience phenomenon!
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